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by | 25th, October 2004

‘FOR many parents the best part of the day is when they spin their child round three times, point them in the general direction of school and run home to watch This Morning.

Clive had no trouble working out how much he hated his parents

Little Armani and Rennet are now officially “someone else’s problem child”. For as long as the school class lasts, mum and dad are free.

But not so for parents of schoolchildren at Sunnybank Preparatory School in Burnley, Lancashire.

The Telegraph reports that pupils at this leading-edge establishment are filmed in their classroom from the minute they start school until the second of their leaving.

Mum and dad can monitor their nippers’ behaviour by logging onto a website and watching the school in something called “real time”.

“If the child is upset,” says Barbara Cross, the school’s head teacher, “rather than the mum stay inside, she can watch on screen to make sure her child has settled down.

“Before this, some parents wouldn’t believe us. Now they can see with their own eyes.”

It truly is a wonderful thing to spy on your kids all day – nothing less than a bonding experience they will learn to love.

And there are some residual benefits to this terrific system.

Happy now is the little truant who, when asked what he did at school, can look at dad’s PC and tell a few lies based on genuine happenings.

Happy too is the mum who, bored of Neighbours and Valium, can tune in instead to Sunnybank TV and see the real-life soap opera that is the school day.

And happy too are the computer hackers who will be able to sell passwords over the web to anyone who wants to see little Armani and Rennet in their PE kits.

This really is the future of education…’

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