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by | 25th, October 2004

‘VICTORIA Beckham apparently once burst into a chorus of “Who let the dogs out?” when Jordan turned up at Old Trafford to watch her then boyfriend Dwight Yorke play football.

Roll over. Beg. Play dead…

How Jordan must be laughing this morning!

Not only can she read news that she and half-pint boyfriend Peter Andre are to star in a new £1m reality TV programme, but she can see her rival in a canine ID parade.

Katie Dreamer, a 21-year-old from Lowestoft in Suffolk, has sent in a picture of her dog Pippa which she claims is the spitting image of Posh.

“They have the same high cheekbones,” she says. “I doubt even Becks could tell them apart.”

And the Sun agrees – “those big eyes, long locks and snub nose,” it says, “surely we must be looking at Victoria Beckham”.

Indeed, the resemblance is uncanny…although nothing compared with Anorak’s favourite goldfish Karl, who is the body double of Leslie Ash.’

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