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Reichs And Wrongs

by | 26th, October 2004

‘AFTER yesterday’s news that many Belgian schoolchildren will not learn about the last two world wars, we hear from the new Germany.

Do not try this in Germany

The Guardian says that, in an effort to curtail stereotypes of Nazi soldiers raping and killing as they blitzed Europe, the German embassy in Britain came up with an idea.

Invitations went out to 20 English history teachers, asking them (or ordering them?) to visit Germany, where they would stay in five-star hotels and be taken to the opera.

The intention was for this delightful, cultured experience to help reduced our national obsession with Hitler and all that nastiness.

But did the tour work?

One teacher, Mr Liddell, from Burgess Hill, West Sussex, says that a trip is always nice but, when it comes to teaching 14-year-olds history, the Nazis are hard to ignore.

“Kids find the Nazi period interesting,” says he. “A lot of things happen. There is plenty of violence.”

Another teacher on the trip, Gerald Clarke from Torquay Boys Grammar School, agrees. “I think the problem with the Nazis is that they are sexy,” says he. “Evil is fascinating.”

But German officials disagree. “The problem is that on British TV you get endless movies that show goose-stepping SS soldiers,” says one. “The level of ignorance is stunning.”

Indeed it is. Many is the time Anorak’s own Helmut Hertz has shaken his head as some actor’s leading jackboot fails to reach up the full 90 degrees.’

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