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Princess Charming

by | 26th, October 2004

‘CHERIE Blair is no superwomen. That we know. But until today we had not idea that she was no Cinderella, either.

If you kiss enough frogs…

“I could so easily have fallen victim to the Allerednic syndrome – that’s Cinderella in reverse,” said Eirehc to 900 businesswomen in Detroit. Or was that Tiorted?

“You know the story: the prince marries the princess and turns her into a scullery maid.”

That would be Prince Tony, would it? And Princess Cherie? And if we’re talking fairy tales, can Margaret Thatcher be the evil stepmother, John Prescott and David Blunkett the ugly sisters and Carole Caplin the fairy godmother?

With Peter Mandelson playing the goose who lays the golden egg…

But the biggest threat to the world today is not losing your glass slipper at a ball, having all your hopes and dreams turned into a soggy pumpkin, but something else entirely.

“It’s frightening to think that women have to endure being treated like their father’s property,” says Cherie, “ and still have to put up with female circumcision.”

“The more we can do to help our sisters, the better for the world.”

And at £40,000 an appearance, the better for Mrs Blair as well…’

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