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by | 26th, October 2004

‘IF Zoe Salmon were asked to give herself a mark out of 10 for her looks, she would probably be too modest to award herself a perfect score.

”A few varicose veins and some facial hair and she’ll be well sound,” says Wayne

The same cannot be said of many of her contemporaries, according to a poll of twentysomething Brits in this morning’s Sun.

One in 10 women and one in five men award themselves either a nine or a ten for their looks (with only four per cent of men and 11% of women giving themselves a mark below five).

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has bothered to open their eyes recently, especially as more than a third of women in their twenties are already considering cosmetic surgery.

But it is not only on her looks that Zoe Salmon will score highly – according to another poll in the Star her accent is a turn-on as well.

Research from Yahoo! Personals also discovered that Scousers like Jennifer Ellison and Wayne Rooney “have turned Liverpool into the country’s passion capital”.

That at least is one interpretation of the findings that the city tops the charts based on the number of marriages and engagements.

Another is that Tracy Shaw lives nearby…’

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