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Losing Face

by | 26th, October 2004

‘WHEN we first saw pictures of James Farrell a few full moons ago, we gasped.

That you, Joe?

Used to cooing over babies, we were for the fist time forced to search for a new language to describe this rare bundle of joy.

We had imagined we’d never see his like again – and, thanks to pixel imaging, we don’t have to.

Now, before you gang up on us and tell us how failing to gush over a baby is the lowest of the low, remember that this is no ordinary child.

This is Joe, son of Kate Winslet, an actress who has spent many minutes of her celebrity life telling the world about her pregnancy and her kids.

Pictures were our due. We expected to see slide shows and, if not the moments of his birth and the first wiping of his nose, then at least a shot of the little scamp in his mother’s arms.

But no. What we get, via OK!, are shots of Joe with a pixelated face.

There is, of course, a chance that this is his face and his skin is divided into very small squares that render his features indistinguishable.

If this is so, then we can expect to see even more of Joe and hear how his appearance has been a boon to other pixelated babies and their distressed mothers who have lived in fear of showing their children to an uncaring and cruel world.

Or it may be that Kate, or the powers around her, have forbidden OK! from showing the face of her child.

Why would they do that? We shudder to think…’

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