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Not Tackling Crime

by | 27th, October 2004

‘HOW many women have been woken up by their loving partner in the small hours of the night and asked the time-honoured question: “Did you hear that noise?”

John Rae says ten out of ten burglars support the police line

But before telling your beloved to pop downstairs and have a look – “Take the hammer” – the police have a few words of advice.

And it’s not to beat the intruder in the soft bits, so reducing the risk of bruising and so finding yourself up on a charge.

Nor is it to push the housebreaker down the stairs or to encourage them to walk firmly into a wall.

No, the police message is to do nothing. The Telegraph reports on its front page that the police are urging members of the public not to confront intruders but to call “999” and lock themselves in safely until the fuzz arrive.

All well and good, up to a point. And we would like to now add a few tips of our own.

1. Stock up on supplies. The police can take an age to arrive on the scene and you wouldn’t want to lapse into a coma, especially with a stranger in the house.

2. Try not to lock yourself indoors with the burglar.

3. Do not live in the countryside, where the police force – known locally as PCs Ted and Graham – may or may not arrive before you’ve been shot.

Mindful of these points, the Telegraph says this sage advice has been triggered by the case of Kenneth Faulkner, 73, who recently shot burglar John Rae, 22, in the leg.

According to the presiding judge – who jailed Rae for seven years – Faulkner exercised “reasonable force” and would not be prosecuted over the shooting.

Which kind of flies in the face of the police’s ‘do nothing’ advice – although, given the popular perception of the thin blue line, it’s advice many coppers practice as much as they preach…’

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