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Not Ducking The Issue

by | 27th, October 2004

‘THE American press is for the most part so craven that the news should be printed on yellow paper.

”Get off your horse and eat your pretzel”

The headlong rush to war which has left the United States (and Britain) embroiled in a nightmare conflict in Iraq was in part the fault of an unquestioning media.

Journalists who dared to question the official line were sidelined or denounced as unpatriotic, only to see their arguments borne out by events.

Freedom of speech in the USA is, it seems, a right only by constitution, not by practice.

So, that is why this morning Anorak salutes the Lone Star Iconoclast, the local rag in President Bush’s hometown of Crawford, Texas, for endorsing John Kerry in next week’s election.

The decision, says the Mirror, has cost the paper half its normal 920 circulation and most of its advertising revenue.

Editor Leon Smith has been called “just about every name in the book – and some that aren’t in the book”.

And residents have removed the paper from the local café and the town’s two souvenir shops.

“We felt betrayed,” says Larry Nelson, who sells “Luvya Dubya” trinkets at one of the souvenir shops.

But still Smith and reporter Nathan Diebenow are unrepentant.

“I think he’s more Donald Duck than John Wayne,” Diebenow says of the President. “If you poke him and pull his feathers, he’ll eventually just explode.”

Here’s hoping…’

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