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Kilroy Was Here

by | 28th, October 2004

‘ROBERT Kilroy-Silk was here. Actually, he’s still here – and, if you dash, you can catch him on his way out.

Orange man behaving badly

There he is in the Telegraph telling Rocco Buttiglione, the Catholic nominee for European Union’s justice minister: “It’s you and me together: we are both going to be kicked out today.”

Odd that a man famous for being orange and branding Arabs “limb amputators” should find himself in the same sinking boat as someone whose anachronistic views on women and homosexuality triggered the defeat of the EU commission yesterday.

Natural bedfellows, perhaps – although far from being homosexual, of course.

But why is Kilroy-Silk, the man who wanted to be king, being shown the door by the UK Independence Party (UKIP)?

The simple answer is that he wanted to lead the party and the party members and their existing leader Roger Knapman were not all that keen of helping him achieve his ambition.

So, staying with our nautical theme, Kilroy has jumped ship.

The Guardian reports that the former chatshow host will continue to function as a Euro MP, but will now sit as an independent.

Kilroy says that he will also still be representing UKIP although, having resigned the party whip, how he will do this is not entirely clear.

Perhaps Kilroy will support them when he’s stopped castigating his now former European parliamentary party colleagues for indulging in “barmy politics”.

Which, given UKIP’s latest move to join the same parliamentary group as the allegedly anti-semitic League of Polish Families, should be about the same time Hell freezes over or the great man turns white…’

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