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Bringing Home The Bacon

by | 28th, October 2004

‘NEWS that three England football players have spent up to £2m on a year-long betting bender barely merits a paragraph in the Cobham Gazette, let alone the front page of the Sun.

This little piggy went to Notting Hill

But the paper that could save your life thinks it its duty to regale us with tales of how John Terry, Wayne Bridge and Scott Parker blew £13,000 in one three-hour visit to the bookies.

Had they blown the money on a nice bottle of wine, maybe bought some of Damien Hirst’s artwork from The Pharmacy or put the money in a charity collector’s tin, that would have been news.

Far more interesting is the front-page story in the Star about all the cash “randy” Rebecca Loos has made since she outed herself as David Beckham’s lover.

The paper says she has just paid £500,000 in cash for a two-bedroom flat in London’s Notting Hill, where she’ll count Robbie Williams and Hugh Grant as her neighbours.

“She was smitten with Becks and heartbroken when the fling was cut short,” says a pal. “She’s lost in love, but she’s a winner in the money stakes.”

Clearly, pigs are prepared to pay a lot for a happy ending…’

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