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A Sorry Excuse

by | 29th, October 2004

‘REGULAR readers of Anorak will know that we are keen students of the readers’ poll in the Daily Express.

”Do one’s lederhosen look big in this?”

The views of the lunatics and Joan Collins lookalikes who read the paper are testimony to why our forefathers resisted the universal franchise for so long.

But despite questions more loaded than a 21-year-old George Bush at a frat party, the paper has consistently failed to get a Saddam-like 100% approval rating.

“Is hanging too good for the scum who abuse our children?” it asks – and 99% of its readership pick up the phone to give a resounding YES.

But maybe today is the day when the paper’s German-loving proprietor Richard Desmond at last achieves his goal.

“Should the Queen say sorry to the Germans?” today’s poll asks.

And you don’t need a woman who’s had more lifts than John Prescott’s missus to tell you the answer to that…’

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