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Wedding Sirens

by | 29th, October 2004

‘WEATHERFIELD hosted its first Hindu marriage this week, although there’s much debate about if a marriage actually happened at all.

”Dear Deirdre…”

Just as the happy couple were about to be united, about twenty extras from The Bill burst in and carted Sunita off, claiming that she was already married to seven other men.

“I don’t seem to recall reading about this in my Hindu ceremonies book,” said a flustered Roy.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold and it seems that Mad Maya’s scheme to humiliate and punish Sunita and Dev has finally come off.

Dev was also taken to the police station but he was able to prove he wasn’t an illegal immigrant, marrying Sunita for a British passport – although given his garbled use of the English language, it’s not surprising the police were doubtful at first.

Sunita however was promptly locked up without any hope of bail – Maya had ensured that the case against her was watertight. Not only had she stolen Sunita’s birth certificate, she also set up a bank account in her name and transferred several thousand pounds into it, as ‘payment’ for her illegal marriages.

Dev went to see Maya. “You evil bitch,” he hissed, throwing Maya up against her garage wall. “Your lovely bride is going to rot away in jail,” gloated Maya, “Why should she be happy when I’m not?” she screamed.

So poor Sunita is left to rot in jail until her court case in March of next year, unless Dev can prove her innocence. But with one shop assistant in prison and the other run off to London, he’s not going to have an awful lot of spare time.

Another foolish woman in love is Shelly. This week she’d got it into her thick head that Charlie was having an affair with Gail. Ironically, the crimes Charlie has committed – sleeping with her mother and trying it on with Liz – are those Shelly refuses to believe that he’s capable of.

Instead, she accuses him of the one thing he hasn’t done – which means that she’s now got a whole mountain of humble pie to get through. But with Shelly’s appetite, that’s unlikely to be a problem.’

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