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Stan Is Ruffed Out

by | 1st, November 2004

‘GIVEN Stan Collymore’s sexual history, we cannot say for sure why he came to be in Dublin last night.

”Now I know how Ulrika felt”

Neither can we say with any degree of certainty what level of truth there is in his claim – made public on the Mirror’s front page – that he was kicked ”all over the street” by up to six players from Bath rugby club.

We are not here to judge, just to observe and then relay the facts to you.

And we call upon, as the paper does, one Stanley Collymore to tells us what happened in the small hours of yesterday evening.

”It was sickening,” says Collymore, ”What they did was way beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.”

This sounds very bad, and surely should be taken as a message to all readers interested in dogging or any other type of sexual adventure to be on their guard.

Taking on a pack of rugby players is beyond even the more experienced and fittest practitioners.

But while we wonder at the coincidences that brought Collymore into close contact with the better part of a professional rugby team, the Sun says that in the course of the evening Stan’s nose was broken.

The Star adds that, while at Dublin’s Lillie’s Bordello’s club and in conversation with the actor Pierce Brosnan, a rugby player’s girlfriend called Collymore a ”w***er”.

In the course of the ensuing exchange of views, this initial claim was later, allegedly, trumped by a Bath rugby player calling Stan a ””f****ing kaffir”.

The row subsided until 3:30am when Collymore, upon leaving the club, came to be mauled by the gang.

The result is that Stan is today meeting with his solicitor and will be going to a police station to make a statement alleging racial and physical attacks.

And that after the scandal of spit-roasting, today is another black day for British sport…’

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