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by | 1st, November 2004

‘WHILE Demi Moore watched Arsenal play Southampton at the weekend (Mail), the Mirror noticed another of Hollywood’s A-listers taking in some soccer in Madrid.

Is Cruise a convert to The Church of Her Blessed Poshness?

There, sitting alongside Posh and Becks is none other than Tom Cruise.

For a fuller picture, the paper says that for Real Madrid’s home match with Getafe, Posh wore an orange poncho, while Dave and Tom wore jeans.

But for the best picture, it’s over to the Sun, where we see the group seated in a box and learn that Tom was in town to promote his Church of Scientology.

And here’s where the Mirror’s report on the group’s dress may be crucial, because hard as we look we can see no hint of a red Kabbalah bracelet.

Which may or may not mean that the Beckhams have left the celebrity-endorsed cult and are now contemplating joining another?

Or starting their own…’

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