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by | 1st, November 2004

‘WE reported last week that football was not the only sport to be routinely marred by violence.

The pawn had taken a hell of a beating

Golfer Seve Ballesteros faces severe punishment from the European Tour for allegedly assaulting a tournament official.

And this morning the Guardian reports that chess grandmaster Zurab Azmaiparashlivi is in hot water for allegedly headbutting a policeman at the Chess Olympiad in Mallorca.

The 44-year-old Georgian, who is also vice president of the World Chess Federation (Fide), was trying to get on stage to point out a mistake in the medal ceremony when the altercation took place.

Organisers claim that he had been spoiling for a fight ever since he arrived in Spain.

“When he arrived to the airport, he demanded two hotel rooms, one as member of Fide and the other as player,” they claim.

“When his demand was refused, he adopted an aggressive attitude and he stayed for five hours at the airport trying to get his requirement.”

But witnesses claim the player was the victim.

“As far as I could see, at no time was Azmai the aggressor,” US team captain Paul Truong said.

“He defended himself when he was constrained by a number of security people.”

Golf, chess…what next? A free-for-all at the Relton & District Over-55s Bowls Championship?’

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