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by | 1st, November 2004

‘WHEN Kevin Federline married Britney Spears, he was within his rights to have expected certain things.

”Hi, honey. What’s for tea?”

In his own mental prenuptial, he might have believed that Britney would continue to be a pop tart and spend much time on the road and in the air touring and performing her act as an ageing schoolgirl.

She’d make videos, write songs, do promos and, all in all, spend around one day in every seven in his company.

But he would have been wrong to have thought that because we learn in the Enquirer that Britney has abandoned her singing career and wants to devote every single minute of her life to her Kev.

Now her only ambition, as the story goes, is to have children of her own – and to get pregnant she’s whisked Kev off on a baby-making trip to a private island near Fiji.

In this idyll, she and Kev are engaging in what a source calls ”their own sexual Olympics”.

But before the panel of judges can give Kev and Brit their scores in the bedroom gymnastics, we learn that Kev has already stuck gold.

To make him feel better about himself and not like the poor relation with minimal talent, a ratty moustache and two kids by another woman, Britney’s given him $2.3m.

This we learn are the proceeds from the sale of their wedding photos.

”It was a wedding gift,” says a source. ”She said, ‘Here’s the money, because I wouldn’t have had it if I hadn’t married you.”’

That she wouldn’t. But had she married someone of repute, with a photogenic face in place of that ferrety beard, she may have got a whole load more.

But it is a touching gesture of their true love – although another source says Kevin knows how ”fickle” his new wife can be and ”reckons a couple of kids as soon as possible will consolidate his hold over her”.

It’s clear thinking. But what if she doesn’t get pregnant and their love unravels like so many of her stage outfits?

Will Kevin be content with just a couple of mill, or will the photo album and that salacious holiday video get stolen and make their way onto a laptop near you?’

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