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A New Model

by | 1st, November 2004

‘WHEN would-be glamour model and former Big Brother contestant Michelle Bass goes out in public, she claims that quite often people don’t recognise her.

Michelle Heaton

Not of course because she’s a talentless wannabe with no more claim to the public attention than an ant, but for quite another reason entirely.

Michelle, you see, has lost a lot of weight since her days in the Big Brother house and has, according to OK!, gone from a size 16 to a perfect 10.

And the result? Perfect anonymity.

”I’ve noticed people at parties haven’t realised who I am,” she says.

”I was at a party the other day and someone asked if I was Michelle Heaton from Liberty X! People don’t seem to recognise me, so I must look very different.”

Yes, that’ll be the reason. Not that the other party guests are ignoring you or – worse still – have not the faintest idea or interest of who you are, fat or thin.

However, one person who does recognise Michelle is her bozo boyfriend, the equally talentless Stuart.

”Stuart always tells me I look gorgeous,” Michelle says. ”He tells me I look beautiful ten times a day, so I couldn’t ask for more.”

Unless of course she can think of a number that’s higher than 10…

And so armed with a new slimmer body and a boyfriend with an eyesight problem, Michelle is ready to fulfil her dream and show her tits off for a living.

”Hopefully,” she says, ”people will see me now and see that I’m looking better and that I’m more confident and they will want to sign me up.

”Whether it’s glamour modelling or just normal modelling, I don’t mind too much.”

Catwalks of Europe, beware. Some chick who looks like Michelle Heaton from Liberty X is on her way…’

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