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by | 1st, November 2004

‘WHAT do Atomic Kittens do when they hang up their claws and stop recording anodyne cover versions of other people’s songs?

”So, what shall we cover today?”

If they’re called Kerry Katona, they get married, have a couple of little kittens, get divorced and stick their tongue out a lot.

If they’re called Natasha Hamilton, they don’t get married, have a couple of kids and stick their breasts out a lot.

And if they’re called Jenny Frost they get married, don’t have a couple of kids and would like to be able to stick their breasts out a little more.

But whatever they do, they make sure OK! is there to capture it all on film.

So, we catch up with Jen having a raucous time on her sister’s hen weekend in Amsterdam, where we’re told she strutted the streets in an array of high-fashion outfits and revealed that she’s been eating less since her operation to have her tonsils removed and has consequently lost a little of her boobs.

And we get to have good natter with Tash, who is pregnant with her second child (by a second father), and boyfriend Gavin Hatcher.

And it is there that we learn that plans for the Kittens to reunite after Christmas have been put on hold and instead we shall have to wait until 2006.

By which time the girls should be about as well-known as the Page 3 girl who used to look like the orange one out of Liberty X…’

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