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Voting Gets Ugly

by | 2nd, November 2004

‘ANORAK has historically stayed above the cut and thrust of party politics, refusing to endorse either of the two candidates in today’s US Presidential election.

”Daddy voted for Dubya in 2004”

Our view is that it is very much the job of the American people to choose which multi-millionaire they want to lead their country.

And despite many blandishments from both candidates, we intend to continue to do as Switzerland does and let other people do the fighting.

However, an observation does occur to us as we look at the front page of this morning’s Guardian – and that is that Bush supporters are so much uglier than Kerry supporters.

This could, of course, be complete coincidence – the paper has chosen six people at random to represent the hopes and fears of a divided nation.

But then again it may not be. It could be that by voting for the incumbent, you’re happily admitting your ugliness or – worse – that voting Bush actually makes you ugly.

Of course, if you’re happy to take that chance, you should waddle up to the polling booths today and cast your vote as you will.

But ask yourself this – is it fair on your children?

Are you happy to condemn your child to a lifetime of taunts on the basis of their looks solely so you could punch a hole in a piece of paper next to ”Bush”?

Forget the Independent’s front-page headline that this is ”a day that will decide the fate of the world”.

This is a day that will decide the fate of your child – whether or not he or she will be appearing on America’s Next Top Model or Extreme Makeover.

The choice is yours, our American cousins. And it is not our job to try to influence you either way…’

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