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Good Evans?

by | 2nd, November 2004

”’MEDIA mogul Chris Evans is going all all-out to secure his future with wife Billie Piper by cutting back seriously on the booze,” says the Star.

Chris Evans with a mystery woman

That’s brilliant news. If ever a loving couple were destined to go the distance it was 38-year-old once-divorced man-about-town Chris and 22-year-old budding actress Billie.

And if the ginger one can combine a healthier lifestyle with reconciliation to his pint-sized wife, then well done on him for cracking two tough nuts with one hammer.

Good on the Star’s The Goss girls for getting the story that matters.

Lucky for us that they were in The Steeles pub close to Evans’s London home to hear him map out his future with Billie over a couple of foamy pints.

As one pal of the disc jockey tells the girls in the know: ”He’s cut right back on alcohol and is getting plenty of fresh air and exercise right now.”

And if you doubt that, you can ask the Mirror’s 3am Girls, who as ”Showbiz Reporters of the Year” know just what’s what with Mr Evans.

And, given his new healthy lifestyle, it seems appropriate enough that they should catch up with Evans twice while he’s out and about.

Their first sighting of the DJ comes when he’s seated in an unnamed green space on a white, plastic chair. When they spot him a second time, he’s in a car.

And on both occasions today’s hot news is that he’s in the company of someone who looks a lot unlike his good lady wife, the aforementioned Billie, the one he’s deeply committed to.

”This is the gorgeous brunette who proves that Chris Evans’s marriage to Billie Piper is far from back on,” say the Girls.

And given the impression that he’s trying to eat her face as he drops this mystery babe at work, the Mirror’s crack showbiz team seem to have got the jump on their rivals.

This is news that comes as a blow to fans of Chris and Billie, for whom the day had promised so much.

But you cannot alter the vital facts to suit the story – just ask any newspaper’s showbiz reporters…’

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