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Lucky For Some

by | 2nd, November 2004

‘PREPARE to have your world turned upside down and given a thorough shaking.

Judge Peter Morrell

The Sun brings news that the number 13 need not always be unlucky – indeed, for housewife Mandy Flanagan it is a sign of great fortune.

While up before Judge Peter Morrell, at Northampton Crown Court, the list of charges against the accused were read out.

It was a fair cop. Flanagan was bang to rights. She held up her hands. She was guilty.

Until the 13th charge on her crime sheet was announced. This she said she could not admit to.

So the bewigged judge asked prosecutor Brusola Johnson if there was enough evidence to proceed with this 13th charge.

After consulting with colleagues, she said that there was, and the charge pertaining to an alleged theft was duly brought before the court.

Except it wasn’t…because the judge announced: ”I have a weakness. It is superstition. I don’t like to see indictments with 13 charges on them.”

And so he ordered the accusation to be struck from the charge sheet.

This inspires Norman Brennan, chairman of the Victims of Crime Trust, to complain about how the judge is ”making a mockery of the criminal justice system” and the Sun to compare m’lud to a pantomime donkey.

But not everyone is unhappy, especially Peter ”Chopper” Jones, who comes before Morrell soon and whose crime sheet lists 12 charges of disturbing the peace above a 13th charge of smuggling 50 tonnes of heroin inside the hollowed-out body of his ex-wife, the delectable Maureen.’

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