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Y, Oh Why?

by | 3rd, November 2004

‘AS the legend has it, no two nights are the same for Jamie Redknapp and his magic life.

A scene from Jamie and Louise’s XXX video

Although, these days, things are becoming more predictable, what with his being a father and that baby routine operating like clockwork.

And there is little Charley ‘with a y’ Redknapp being entwined in the bosom of dad and mum Louise’s love.

Isn’t he precious? He is. The couple say he is. But they stop short of saying how he is a miracle baby, as is the way with such children of the celebrity set.

But, given his history to date, miracle seems an apt word.

Overlooking his obvious achievement of having secured mum and dad an 11-page spread in Hello! (not including cover shot), his next notable feat was to have been delivered by Caesarean section.

This is amazing enough but, for little Charley with a y, mum can’t stop herself from coming over all doctor-like and telling use about her ”epidural”, the ”screen” that prevented her from seeing the ”big operation” and how it was Jamie who cut the ”umbilical cord”.

It is all too wonderful. And now not only do Jamie and Louise have a text-book celebrity lifestyle, but a text-book celebrity birth to talk about in those quiet moment between scoring a goal and releasing a single.’

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