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Mia Mamma…Here We Go Again

by | 3rd, November 2004

‘DO you know what Kate Winslet’s greatest role is? Go on, have a guess. Yes, that’s it, being a mother.

”Remember me? I’M YOUR MUMMY”

Not that she’s acting like a mother, because Kate is the real thing. Go on take a look. Has she not stretch marks? Do her breasts not point down where they once pointed, er, less down?

Is her hair not brittle? Are her fingers not rubbed clean to the bone from the endless rounds of ironing, cleaning, washing, ironing, cleaning (repeat to early death)?

That they may be. But Kate has star quality and that – along with her make-up artiste, stylist, jeweller, hairdresser, lighting technician and joie de vivre – make her a true star.

So here she is, ready to tell the rest of womanhood what it’s like to have a real life ”baby” and be a ”mother”.

”I love it,” says Kate. ”I’m basically a mother who finds time to do work.”

Go on…

”My kids are young and I don’t want to miss out on anything. I had this triumphant thing the other night when I was reading bedtime stories to Mia and I said, ‘I’ve got to go to work tomorrow ,’ and she said, ‘But you don’t work, Mummy. You take me to school.”’

There’s one in the eye of those non-working millionaire so-called mums with their Filipino maid and chauffeurs. Eat that!

”So I’m a completely devoted and loving and very present mother, and every now and then I go off to work for while.”

And every now and then dad comes round – not Sam Mendes-Winslet, but Kate’s first husband, Whatshisname-Winslet – and doubtless too tells Mia how terrific and adoring and selfless her mother is.’

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