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A Bush In The Hand

by | 4th, November 2004

‘“FOUR more years! Four more years! Four more years!”

‘Pretzels, anyone?’

Regular readers of Anorak will recall that we have long been keen supporters of President George ‘Dubya’ Bush from way back in our days as drinking buddies in a Yale frat house.

It was us, we confess, who forged the sick note from Barbara excusing young George from having to go and fight for his country in Vietnam.

And we were never further away from George than a bottle of Jack Daniels through his years working for daddy’s friends in the Texas oil industry.

So, although we drifted apart somewhat after the G Man – the ‘G’ stood for gallon – took the pledge, we have followed his recent career with little sobriety and much interest.

And we have no doubt a high-powered job awaits us in the new administration – a job in recognition of our unique talents, our hard work on the President’s behalf and the photos we still have stashed away at the bottom of our wardrobe.

Ambassador to the Maldives, perhaps? Guardian of the Presidential Pretzel? White House milk monitor?

For now, however, our old buddy is too busy lapping up the plaudits from all the Johnny-come-latelies trying to attach their star to the Presidential motorcade.

This morning’s Telegraph, for instance, which describes Bush’s narrow victory as “a decisive endorsement…for the most radical presidency of modern times”.

“The triumph of this Churchillian conservatism will delight the president’s friends and confound his critics,” it says, “but will strike fear into all enemies of America and the West.”

The Times, which lays out the challenges facing the President – cutting the budget deficit, reducing the United States’ dependency on oil, bringing a just peace to the Middle East…

“Even if Mr Bush were to do all this and more,” it says, “there would still be some who belittle him or doubt the sincerity of his motives.”

[Not us, we hasten to add – we have never had any doubt that he was completely sincere in his desire to become, and remain, president of his country.]

And even the Guardian, which notes that “once looked like an aberration, now it is an era”.

And an era in which one can fully expect to see Anorak strolling around the Oval Office with a glass in one hand and an arm draped over the shoulder of our old chum…’

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