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by | 7th, November 2004

‘OLD Mr Anorak has always had a penchant for older women – a fetish that has admittedly become harder to satisfy as with every passing year his birthday cake does a passable impression of St Peter’s at Candlemas.

‘Wrap up warm, darling, otherwise you’ll get a chill’

‘It’s not the how or even how many,’ he would tell us in the days before his seventh stroke so cruelly robbed him of the power of speech, ‘but the how old that counts.’

In this as in so many other things, he was well ahead of his time – where he led some half a century ago, once again Hollywood follows today.

And following Hollywood like a bloodhound at a haemophiliacs’ convention is the National Enquirer, which this week devotes four pages to ‘the latest trend’ among Tinseltown’s sexiest ladies.

To some observers, this may look like a lame excuse to rehash some old pictures of Cameron & Justin, Demi & Ashton, Madonna & Guy, Gwyneth & Chris etc.

But the Enquirer is actually probing a much broader sociological trend – and it enlists the help of relationship expert Dr Gilda Carle to explain the phenomenon.

‘These couples understand they have to deal with differences from the start,’ opines Dr Carle. ‘They respect each other.’

So what, for instance, is Dr Carle’s considered professional opinion of 26-year-old American Pie star Jason Biggs’ relationship with former Playmate Julie Michelle McCullough – 13 years his senior.

‘Oh mommy!’ exclaims the good doctor (in her neo-Freudian argot). ‘He’s probably having a maternal experience.’

And what does she think about this picture of a bikini-clad Cameron Diaz horsing around on the beach with toyboy Justin Timberlake?


And this one of 37-year-old Pamela Anderson’s breasts going for a stroll along the sand with 26-year-old model Christian Monzon?


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