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Ben & Jen – The Sequel

by | 7th, November 2004

‘JESSE Jane and Kid Rock are not the only ones with a lot in common – Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner could also be made for each other.

‘Yeugh! He tastes of ham’

We know this because the National Enquirer says so…and the Enquirer says so because Us magazine says so…and Us magazine says so because ‘a source’ says so.

And that is good enough for us, especially as the source goes on to elaborate.

‘They have a lot in common – fame, busy careers,’ he (or she – or, just possibly, it) says. ‘And they both want to settle down.’

All the ingredients, in other words, for a marriage that’s as successful as, say a Ben Affleck movie.

For we all know that fame acts like a glue, keeping couples together for days, weeks and sometimes months after they walk down the aisle.

And what better way is there to keep the flames of love burning than by never spending more than three days a month under the same roof?

But Jennifer should take heart from the fact, after his latest film Surviving Christmas tanked at the box office, she might not have to worry about Ben’s ‘busy career’.

‘I really believe,’ she once said, ‘in being with your partner through all the good times and bad times in life.’

Clearly, she has never had to sit through a whole Ben Afflcek movie…’

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