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Lessons In Love

by | 8th, November 2004

‘THE Anorak Guide To Pulling – Part 63. Body Language.

‘Let’s be laughing together this time next year’

Last week, we reported that the Japanese had discovered the perfect chat-up line – the eight words that were going to have our Oriental friends rutting like rabbits again.

But for those of you still nursing a sore nose after whispering “Let’s be laughing together this time next year” into the ear of your intended, we have some more advice.

According to the Sun, it’s no good merely mastering the language of love – you’ve got to get to grips with the body language of love.

Scientists have apparently been secretly watching the mating rituals of men aged between 21 and 34 and observing their success rate.

And they have published their results in a journal called Evolution And Human Behaviour, otherwise known as The Weekly Voyeur.

The results?

It apparently takes an average of 13 glances in half an hour for a man to cop off with a woman.

“If a woman responds with a sign,” the Sun says, “such as a quick glance before looking away, the macho man will make a move.”

Indeed, if a woman responds with any sign, such as sipping her drink, breathing or mouthing “Piss off, ugly”, the macho man will also make a move.

Successful men, researchers found, also display 20 different techniques to establish themselves as “dominant males” in the eyes of potential conquests.

These include playfully punching their mates, tapping their mates on the shoulder or giving them the big elbow.

“A sure sign a man is ready to move in on a woman is when he tries the chin stroke,” says the Sun. “Experts say it draws attention to the facial features.”

And hides the fact they look like Jimmy Hill’s ugly brother…’

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