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When Jordan Met Peter

by | 8th, November 2004

‘ONE man who has mastered all 20 gestures of love is pint-sized Aussie popster Peter Andre.

From little acorns grow celebrity romances

And we turn to the Star to see the man who would be Mr Jordan demonstrate the techniques that made him the envy of every man with a pop career to relaunch.

So, here’s Peter (with baseball cap on backwards) at the supermarket meat counter deciding whether to buy beef mince or lamb mince.

And here’s Peter at home in the kitchen, just tall enough to peer over the work surface and to wash his hands in the sink.

These are just two scenes from Peter and Jordan’s “explosive new telly reality show”, the first episode of which goes out on Friday night.

Other dramatic scenes include Peter peeling potatoes, Peter washing the car and Peter sitting in front of the TV desperately searching for something decent to watch.

A show insider tells the Star: “Even now Peter has relaunched his pop career, the bulk of their professional work is done by Kate. It makes more sense for Peter to pop to the shops.”

What is more, it makes fascinating TV…’

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