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In The Family Way

by | 8th, November 2004

‘WHILE unkind eyes have looked at Tracy Shaw and said she was in need of a good meal and some sobering coffee, the woman herself felt a need for something else.

”We’re expecting twins”

And that something was a baby.

Motherhood would be Tracy’s greatest role to date, it would earn her maximum coverage and lots of exposure (see Tracy in her stripy knickers and cropped top on the cover of this week’s OK!).

The baby would kick open doors to the VIP room and beyond.

A new and confident Tracy would tell us how she had conquered the demons that drove her to eschew food and lap up drink.

With the right inducement, a restored and renewed Tracy might even call her unborn child Anorexia or Jack Daniel, and so be able to talk about both things for years to come with a zesty confidence.

Whatever the role demanded, Tracy would face it head on and with her chest pushed out.

But even she has her limits and Tracy would like it to be known that the father of her unborn baby is not her step-brother – Tracy’s mother and boyfriend Ashley’s father are lovers but they are not married.

And like her mum and her man’s dad, mum and dad-to-be aren’t married either. They are, in Tracy’s words, “in no rush to do anything”.

Indeed, to such an extent is this true that they have decided to wait a thoughtful nine months before becoming parents.

Although, if Ashley wants to pop the question now, after the birth or at some point in between, then Tracy thinks it would be “nice to be husband and wife”.

But Tracy, a woman who’s been engaged more often than the toilet at the Indian Bulimia Society’s annual dinner and dance, does not rule out marriage.

She’s also none too bothered about how her baby will affect her career.

“It’s something that I’ll have to think about but not right now,” says she. “I’m so happy to be where I am [OK! pages 48-63] and I can’t wait to be a mum to our little boy.”

That’s how it should be. But what about the future? Are you nervous, Tracy?

“I’ll go with the flow,” says the former Rear of The Year about the actual birthing process. “I’m looking forward to all my future opportunities, especially my fantastic life with my family.”

And we can’t wait to hear about Tracy’s very close-knit family in scantily-clad and fulfilling detail in the coming months…’

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