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Fly Away Peter

by | 8th, November 2004

‘TO prove that Peter Andre is so much more than Jordan’s boyfriend, we’ve removed all the bits in his OK! interview where he talks about his burning love for the glamour model…

‘Don’t worry, Pete, I’ve eaten a maggot before’

We, of course, are no cynics and know full well that Jordan and Peter’s love affair is no publicity stunt.

“We get so much fan mail…” says Peter, “and it’s all wanting me and Kate to be together, but the truth is we are.”

We who know have no need to write in fan letters to the couple’s joint management company, and prefer to let their obvious romance run its course.

And if that leads them up the aisle, then so be it.

“Married?” says Peter incredulously. “No, not yet… I think there’s a lot of stuff made up about me and Kate, but I’m sure we’ll tell you when we’ve got any news.”

That we do not doubt. Or, perhaps, Pete will let us read about it in OK!, the words appearing like pearls between tens of shots of him and her exchanging vows, rings and agents.

As it is, Peter can “categorically” say without any hint of a lie that he and Jordan are not jetting off to the Caribbean to get married.

Although, do not count it out for the future, as Peter tells us to “watch this space”.

He hasn’t picked out a ring or anything for Jordan. But even if he has, he’s not telling us his plans in case his lover reads the magazine and the whole plot is scuppered.

But all that said, let’s now get to the bit where talented Pete is left alone to shine like the tanned, smooth-chested diamond he so certainly is.

So, Peter, leaving aside your love affair Jordan for a moment, what’s going on in your life?


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