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A New Anne

by | 9th, November 2004

‘IF you tune into the latest series of The Weakest Link, you will probably wonder about the identity of the sleek young presenter who has taken over from Anne Robinson.

There’s a little bit of us all in the new Anne

Keep watching, however, and the truth will soon reveal itself as the plastic melts under the heat from the studio lights…

For the gruesome fact is that sexy young thing is none other than Anne Robinson herself – after her latest bout of plastic surgery.

The Mail says the 60-year-old “appeared young and sleek on the quiz show, with fashionable glasses and blonde highlights in her more sophisticated hairstyle”.

Gone completely were the John Lennon glasses, red hair and wrinkles of a couple of years ago.

“She looked fabulous – if a little too perfect,” a BBC insider tells the paper. “She looked like a different woman to the school-marm Anne that first started on the show.”

In fact, she is not just a different woman, she’s the cumulation of a lot of different women – Pamela Anderson’s breasts, Posh Spice’s nose, Christina Aguilera’s teeth, Cher…’

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