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Beyond Regional Doubt

by | 9th, November 2004

‘IF John Prescott did not exist, would you bother making him up? And if you did, what would you get him to do?

”And what do you do?”

Working out what the deputy prime minister actually does is a full-time job for us here at Anorak Towers.

After all, Prescott can’t throw punches, ride around in Jaguars and make up long and complex new words all day, can he?

But we have heard, via the Times, that Prescott’s job is to keep something called “the regions” alive.

Only, these regions are alive whether Prezza says so or not – a fact many of the 78% of the North-East’s voters who turned out to vote “no” to his idea for a regional assembly were keen to impress on the burly politician.

So “surfing on the wave of his own voice”, in the face of so much laughter and jeering, Prezza announced to the House yesterday that although 48% of the electorate had turned out (mysteriously shrinking to 46% in the Guardian) – thus making the referendum an unmitigated success – his plans for regional assemblies would be put on ice.

He had not been “humiliated”, as some Tories said. He had been informed. “The people have spoken!” said Prezza. “I am now reacting.”

As the Guardian says, plans for regional assemblies for the North-West and Yorkshire have now been abandoned, just as plans to give a voice to the North-East have passed by.

Of course, Prezza should not be made to look a fool; rather, he must be congratulated for taking such a brave stance and spending a few million finding out what the regions’ peoples don’t want.

So look out for other Prezza jobs as he investigates if Scotland can be privatised, Wales renamed after Anne Robinson and Hull declared the new capital of the British Isles…’

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