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When In Rome

by | 9th, November 2004

‘READERS unable to pinpoint Iraq on a map of the world or to understand a word John Prescott says should not be downhearted. You are not alone.

It’ll be nice when it’s finished

Indeed, you may even be the norm, given the Times’s conversation with Marco Colzi, the head of the tour guides’ trade union, who has been taking groups of holidaymakers around Rome for years.

Admitting that “it’s our job to be helpful”, Colzi has nonetheless been left bemused and amused by some of the questions asked of him by sightseers.

For instance, did Moses pose for Michelangelo’s recently restored sculpture of the great Biblical figure?

Where is Jesus buried? Signor Colzi ignores the chance to say “in the ground” and tells people asking such questions that Jesus never visited to Rome. “They look incredulous,” says he.

Many Americans are keen to learn all about the Sixteen Chapel. “They ask where the other 15 are,” says the guide.

And was the Colosseum built as a ruin? And, we suppose, if not, when will it be finished?

Oh, and where’s Iraq..?’

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