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A Table For Two?

by | 9th, November 2004

‘“CAN you see them over a cosy dinner date?” Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood says of the FA’s suggestion that Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson should get together to declare a truce.

”Gareth Southgate says there’s good money to be made in pizzas”

To which the answer is a Bob The Builder-like “Yes, we can”.

We can see Fergie tucking into a pea soup starter, while Wenger studies the pizza menu. We can see both of them refusing the special of humble pie.

We can see them tucking in enthusiastically to the hard cheese and sour grapes…

But somehow we know such a meal is never going to happen – and the Express says that Arsenal have given their manager licence to carry on winding up the Manchester United boss.

Wenger may have been charged by the FA after calling United striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy “a cheat”, but the Highbury board have refused to condemn him.

“Wenger is a very intelligent man and he says exactly what he thinks,” Hill-Wood said. “That’s his principle rather than any perceived run-in with Ferguson.”

Whatever the tribulations at Arsenal with their stuttering form and their manager on a disrepute charge, their north London rivals would happily swap places.

But a bit of good news for Spurs on the back page of the Sun, which reports that departing manager Jacques Santini will get no compensation because he left while the club were 11th in the table.

A secret clause in his contract apparently states that he is not entitled to a pay-out of the club are in the bottom half.

And the Sun says that news “will further the strong belief that he was pushed rather than jumped”.

However, the Star says his replacement, Dutchman Martin Jol, is feeling the strain already.

He certainly will be if he keeps on giving hostages to fortune such as suggesting that he can be a new Bill Nicholson and bring back the glory days to White Hart Lane.

“When I was a kid of 11, Spurs were one of the biggest clubs in England and one of the best in Europe,” he said.

“I have only been here four months, but I know that it is a great club too. We have the best away support in the country.”

Finally, we read in the Mirror of the sad death of 20-times Australian professional snooker champion “Steady” Eddie Charlton.

The 75-year-old, who was also a three-time world championship runner-up, had a heart attack and died in a New Zealand hospital.

Daughter Annette reported: “Only three days before his death, he was still playing 15 frames of snooker a night.”

Anyone who saw the speed Charlton played the game at could be forgiven for wondering whether that means he never went to sleep at all…’

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