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Kate’s Barf Time

by | 10th, November 2004

‘WHO is the pin-up girl of choice for Daily Mail readers?

That Titanic woman and her children first

Who is the woman every female reader aspires to be and every male reader aspires to take on a long walk with a black Labrador called Freddie?

It is, of course, Kate Winslet, celebrity mum, celebrity wife and sometime actress.

And to that list we can now add “Class Act” – the bauble that Kate picked up at Glamour magazine’s Woman Of The Year ceremony.

It was, as you might have to imagine if you haven’t bought the Mirror this morning, a very emotional occasion – and Kate responded like the trooper she is with tears, sniffles and a speech more likely to induce vomiting than a whole vat of Angel Delight.

As Kate picked up the award (given to her for “refusing to conform to Hollywood’s beauty standards”) from Susan Sarandon, she told the audience that her real moment of glamour had come when one of her children told her in the bath: “Mummy, you’re beautiful.”

And then she turned to 58-year-old Sarandon and added: “Susan, if I look like you one day, I will run naked down Fifth Avenue.”

And, with that, the hall was suddenly full of Bird’s Custard making an unscheduled reappearance…’

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