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Drug Baroness

by | 10th, November 2004

‘ANYONE seen Prince Harry?

Where’s Harry?

Last week, he was all over the papers but, since reading that the Duchess of Northumberland has taken to growing cannabis on her Alnwick Garden, we can’t see him anywhere.

It may be that his deftness at camouflage is paying dividends, and he has in some way managed to get himself into the Duchess’s grounds without being noticed.

But while we look at the Independent’s picture of the Duchess seated in front of her gardens and marvel at her famous ginger-headed bushes, we read on.

It seems that she has been granted a licence by the Home Office to grow not only cannabis but also opium poppies and magic mushrooms in an “educational section” of her Alnwick Castle estate.

The plants will form part of the new Poison Garden, which, as the Duchess tells the Times, “will offer a new avenue outside the classroom to get people talking about the misuse of drugs, most of which grow in nature”.

And some of which seem to be able to move. Just look at that khaki-coloured bush making off with the Duchess’s new centrepiece…’

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