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Name Dropping

by | 10th, November 2004

‘POSH people call their children different names from the rest of us.

”Let’s make hyphens”

First, they christen them things like Tamara, Henrietta and Eloise or Edward, Hugh and William.

Then in childhood they give them nicknames like Nonny, Tally and Wills.

Finally, they send them off to boarding school, from which they emerge several years and many thousands of pounds later with their name refined still further to Boo or Blah or Poo.

To be truly posh, not only do you have to refer to your parents as “mummy and daddy”, but they have to address you as they would their favourite cocker spaniel.

EastEnders’ Jessie Wallace should know that you won’t find too many Tallulah Lilacs in Debrett’s or Burke’s Peerage.

And nor unsurprisingly were there too many Tallulah Lilacs at the society wedding of the year between Edward Van Cutsem and Lady Tamara Grosvenor.

There were, however, lots of Davinas and Toms, an Earl Stanley or two, at least one Count Raoul and more Isabellas than you could shake a shooting stick at.

The Windsors put in an appearance, the Westminsters were of course there to support their daughter, the Duckworth-Chads wouldn’t miss out on such a splendid occasion and, well, certainly one Parker-Bowl was to be seen entering Chester Cathedral.

And why not? As Andrew Parker Bowl (formerly one half of the Parker Bowles and a godfather to young Van Cutsem) told Hello!, “Ed’s a lovely chap”.

Nor is Ed just a lovely chap – he and Lady T were this summer ranked seventh in Tatler’s Top 100 social players.

We don’t know the identity of the top six, but we’d hazard a guess that none of them were called Dave, Jessie or even Tallulah Lilac…’

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