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Book Of Hims

by | 11th, November 2004

‘EVER since Michelangelo asked a young David to strip in the name of artistic endeavour, the Church and images of perfect youth have been intertwined.

‘All things white and virginal…’

But today’s inspired artists need not resort to clay and marble since they can remember those God-given afternoons in the company of delightful boys by way of photographs.

And today, as the Telegraph reports, anyone – whether Christian, Muslim or merely curious – can pop along to the shops and buy something called Heavenly Hunks, a calendar featuring the boys of Portsmouth cathedral choir.

The calendar for 2005, which has the backing of the Bishop of Portsmouth, the Rev Kenneth Stevenson, features a number of choristers between the ages of 18 and 26 in various states of euphoric rapture.

Feel God’s power as May lies back on the beach, his bare torso kissed by the sun, his body lapped by the gentle surf.

Look on in wonder as January braves the winter chill to undo his vestments to the waist and read from an open book of hymns, or hims, as it were.

And feel the stirring of His mighty power within your loins as December lies back among his musical notes, cups his shaven head on his palms and takes off his shirt.

After seeing these many images of God’s majesty, religious art lovers may like to lie down in a darkened room and contemplate their navels – and those of the boys in the choir…’

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