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by | 11th, November 2004

‘AS shock headlines go, “Actress Takes Coke” is right up there with “Footballer Likes Lapdancer”, “Journalist Fond Of A Drink” and “Jordan Floats”.

A snout for trouble

It’s not news, especially when the actress in question is unknown to all but the most square-eyed sections of the British population.

But the Sun has got its grubby little mitts on pictures of Bill actress Kim Tiddy snorting some of Bolivia’s national product at a party – and it’s determined to use them.

“Yes, I took coke…it is my biggest regret,” says the 27-year-old actress, who plays “sexy” WPC Honey Harman in the cop drama, on the paper’s front page.

“I just went along with the crowd,” she says inside the paper. “I was at a young and impressionable age and I was stupid.

“I can’t even remember if it was enjoyable or not. Looking back on it now, it certainly wasn’t.”

What a load of tosh! Why not admit that you had a great time, your only regret was letting some low-life take pictures of you and you have no idea why you took your trousers off in the middle of a party?

However, in return for Kim’s co-operation with this non-story, the Sun comes over all sympathetic.

“Kim,” says Sun health reporter Emma Morton, “is to be commended for being brave enough to admit her shame in an effort to deter other away from the perils of coke.”

Or at least for pretending to be ashamed in an effort to secure more favourable press coverage.

However, the Sun is keen to get across the message that drugs are bad for you.

A “fellow partygoer” – in other words, the jerk who thought they’d make a few quid by selling the pictures to the Sun – describes Kim’s behaviour that night four years ago.

“She got dafter and dafter during the evening, more and more giddy and talked more. She talks a lot already. She was totally wrecked by the end of the evening.

“She was staggering about, putting her arms round people and kissing them. The party went on until the early hours and she ended up staying the night.”

In other words, she had a pretty good time. “Partygoer Has A Good Night”- what about that for a splash headline?’

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