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Because I’m Worth It

by | 12th, November 2004

‘IF Victoria (or Nancy, for that matter) gets fed-up sitting at home alone with her jewel-encrusted vibrators, she might like to try a spot of internet dating.

Jake’s new proposal broke all the taboos

She could log onto, enter a brief description of herself – “Singing pencil seeks sharpener; will provide rubber” – and wait for the responses to flood in.

But sadly for her there will be no response from Clive Worth, a “young-looking” 55-year-old ex-miner who has been thrown off the site for being too successful.

The Mail says the online Romeo has bedded as many as 200 women he has met through Dating Direct – a figure reckoned to be higher even than David Beckham and Sven Goran Eriksson’s totals combined.

But the agency decided to act after complaints from many of those women who said the father-of-four lacked commitment and is using women from sex.

However, Mr Worth claims he is a victim.

“I’d dearly like to find the right woman and settle down,” he tells the paper, “but I can’t seem to stay interested for very long.

“I couldn’t believe how many women there are out there. I get them all to travel to see me.

“One was a Californian policewoman who stayed three weeks and a policewoman from North Wales came for a weekend.

“And a footballer’s wife from Madrid who should be arriving any time now…”’

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