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Tracey Quizzes Steve

by | 12th, November 2004

‘STEVE McDonald triumphed on a new quiz show called Top Of The Tree this week, but when wife Karen finds out he’s been playing happy families with Tracy Barlow, he’ll be hanging from one.

”Now Steve, here is the big question: Who would you like to spend the rest of your life with: Karen, Tracy or your mum?”

Karen popped over to Dublin for the weekend to visit Linda, which gave Tracy the green light to move in on Steve.

By an amazing coincidence, it just so happened that Blanche had won a place on a new family quiz show which was being filmed that very weekend.

It featured four generations of the same family competing for a car.

Liz had been invited to take part on the grounds that she was little Amy’s grandmother and had managed to persuade Steve to drive her down to London.

“I’ll pay yer,” she pleaded – probably not the first time she’d uttered those words to a young man, it has to be said.

Steve, who has all the will power of a Premiership footballer, not only agreed to take Liz to London but also to appear on the quiz show.

“It’ll never be shown to TV,” Liz lied to him, “Karen will never know.”

The irony was that it was actually Karen who won the ‘McDonald-Barlows’ the car in the end as the final question was about shoes and Steve was allowed to ‘phone a friend’ – so, of course, he turned to his wife, who could take a degree course in the subject of shoes and accessories.

After the show was filmed, Tracy managed to lure Steve back to her room with the excuse that she wanted him to see their baby daughter asleep.

“I mean it Steve, I’m so over you,” she lied as it’s pretty clear to everyone that she’d like nothing more than to be under him.

Although Tracy kept her promise not to tell Karen about the London weekend, Blanche, the Weatherfield Witch, had no such qualms.

“Know where yer husband’s been this weekend?” she taunted Karen in the Rovers. “Playin’ ‘appy families with his little girl and Tracy – where he should be.”

If looks could kill, all the ‘McDonald-Barlows’ would now be in intensive care.

Elsewhere on the Street, Maria also has to make some relationship decisions. Tyrone won her a holiday for two in Spain in a game of darts (well, it’s better than a Bullseye caravan) and assumed that she’d be taking him as a thank you.

Maria’s got other plans though. “I don’t want the missing link hovering around, cramping my style,” she told Fizz. Maria’s ‘style’ being to go out with men who chuck her after she’s slept with them.

Happier relationship news for Claire and Ashley. Ashley’s finally realised that Maxine’s never coming back (however much she begs the producers) and has set a date for the wedding.

“The church was fully booked,” Ashley told a disappointed Claire. “The only date they’ve got available was Christmas Day.”

Well, what an amazing coincidence – Coronation Street just happens to have a 90-minute special on that very day!’

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