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On A Jolie

by | 13th, November 2004

‘HOW close can two people get with out having a full-on unbridled lust-fuelled love affair?

Jen has nothing to worry about

It is a tough question, and looking at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and reading the Enquirer’s headline “BRAD AND ANGELINA CAUGHT! GETTING EVEN CLOSER”, it gets no easier to answer.

In the photographs of Brad and Ang on a film shoot in Ravello, the angle of shot makes it infuriatingly hard to see if the stars are actually touching.

They do indeed appear to be close, but not so close as for Brad to be in Ang’s face. Which means they could be closer. And perhaps even closer still if took off their clothes and got naked.

Ooer, and wouldn’t you just credit it but they’ve gone and disrobed. The part demanded nudity and it seems that Brad and Jen have pressed flesh.

“That alone,” as the Enquirer says, would be tough for Jen [Brad’s wife Jennifer Aniston] to deal with, but we hear that it gets worse and intimate photographs of her husband and his on-screen lover were “NOT” part of the movie shoot.

Amazingly, we cannot see these shocking, scandalous stills because by some odd quirk of fate the laptop on which they might be stored has NOT been stolen.

What’s more, a video of Brad and Ang in some kind of unscripted clinch has NOT been copied by builders on the set and then reproduced on the sink of bile and depravity that is the world-wide-web.

This is truly amazing, and bad luck on us who now have to make do with words where what we need are pictures.

So know that they “could have passed for lovers” as they took a break from filming.

And, er, that’s it. But, boy, you should see the pictures!’

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