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A Savage Indictment

by | 15th, November 2004

‘PAUL O’Grady may aspire to be part Dale Winton, part Cilla Black and part Claire Rayner – but he is destined always to be Lily Savage.

Are you Bamber Gascoigne in disguise?

And his new chatshow is making afternoons drag by.

This week, O’Grady’s eponymous show pivots on Wednesday when it’s his dog Buster’s birthday.

On O’Grady’s official website there’s an invitation for watchers of daytime TV to join in the fun.

If you’d like to help Paul celebrate while you’re waiting for that claim for damages at work to be processed and the broken neck to heal, you can send your cards and presents for Buster to a given address.

You can then look on with no little pride as Paul sticks a dress knitted by “Suicidal of Luton” on his pooch, makes some awful gag about “doggy style” and then give one of Buster’s celebratory dog-boned shaped balloons a “little prick”.

Meanwhile, Melanie Sykes, a woman with a head for dandruff and a body for ironing, and Todd Carty, an actor who every boy of his generation wanted to be and now feels delighted that they are not, join in the fun, and then sack their agents.

This is awful television. But it’s worse on the other side, where the masterstroke is to have allowed Judy Finnigan of Richard & Judy repute to operate a wine club.

To paraphrase the O’Grady show’s tagline, this seems very much like Judy’s tea-time treat.

And here is the equivalent of TV’s second opinion. If having seen O’Grady you were in any doubt you were wasting your life watching TV, along comes Judy to put the final nail in your headboard.

And, yes, that is Richard Madeley at the end of your bed…’

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