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Sites For Sore Eyes

by | 16th, November 2004

‘GRIM news now for Internet surfers – and that means you, you grubby little lot: ”Staring at a computer can make you go blind.”

”Well, that’s the last time I ever visit”

It might also cause your hands to become covered in a soft pelt of hair, but for now medical brains are concentrating on how PCs can damage your eyes.

The Express has seen the results from a Japanese medical study which tested some 1,000 workers with an average age of 43 to see how their computers affected their eyesight.

This cutting-edge research by experts at Toho University, Tokyo, discovered that men are the heaviest users of computers and that five in every 100 of those questioned said they had experienced trouble with their vision.

Now, we – like the scientists in the story – are not here to judge, but only to deliver the news in a discreet brown paper envelope for your interest.

We make no comment on exactly what those myopic five in every 100 Japanese men might have been using their computers for.

Except to say, your mum was right…’

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