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Bare-Footed Cheek

by | 16th, November 2004

‘STANDARDS of decorum may be slipping here in the UK, but in the Netherlands even members of the criminal fraternity know how to behave – as a 41-year-old Dutchwoman found out.

She arrived home from a shopping trip in Utrecht to find arguably the world’s politest burglar in her house.

Not only had the 18-year-old taken his shoes off at the door and left them under the stairs but, when the woman entered her home, he came down the stairs, shook hands and politely introduced himself.

Sadly, such politeness wasn’t good news for his criminal career.

The woman unsurprisingly didn’t believe his claim that he had been looking for a ball on the roof and called the police, who caught the man on his bicycle nearby and arrested him.

Nothing was taken from the woman’s house, but the intruder was found to have other charges of theft and entering houses without permission against him.’

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