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by | 16th, November 2004

‘WHILE Posh Spice stands before her bedroom mirror and mimes the words to Do They Know It’s Christmas into her new £1m microphone-cum-vibrator, husband David is thinking about his own career in showbusiness.

”Have you a room?”

As the Sun says, Dave may have a future as an actor. However, due to the demands of his football career, he has been forced to decline a part in the new Pink Panther film.

He tells the Express how he was offered a role in the movie with Beyonce Knowles and Steve Martin.

“But I had a lot of games coming up at the time, and I decided not to do it,” he says. “Right now I’m concentrating on my football.”

This is intriguing stuff and makes us wonder why Dave turned down a chance to make it big in Hollywood and what was the nature of his part.

Anyone who saw his recent tangle with Welsh footballer Ben Thatcher a few weeks ago may suppose Dave had been offered the job of Cato, Inspector Clouseau’s hapless valet.

But even though Dave could have pulled all his own stunts, the resultant broken rib may have presented too much of a risk for Hollywood’s money men.

Of course, he could have been Clouseau, on the hunt for the diamond? Although, he wouldn’t have had to look too far – it being in his wife’s bedside cabinet…

But while Beckham “puts Hollywood on hold” (Telegraph), Britain’s Olympic bid was yesterday being stage managed with rare aplomb.

The Telegraph was there to see the London bid to host the Games in 2012 delivered to the International Olympic Committee’s headquarters in Lausanne by 14-year-old Newham schoolgirl Amber Charles.

How proud she must have been as she hopped, skipped and jumped up to the reception and handed over the 600-page offering like a baton to some faceless bureaucrat.

Of course, given the history of the IOC, she might have been inclined to help things along a bit with a chunk of her pocket money.

But Team GB would never stoop to bribes and backhanders.

Indeed, they have little need of such machinations given that the story tells readers how IOC members were making encouraging noises about London 2012.

Noises like: “The buffet at The Savoy is very good”; “Limos might be expensive but they do get you there”; and “If I wear my suit on the London Eye, I can charge it to expenses.”

However, despite this apparent enthusiasm, bookies are only offering 2-1 on London getting the nod, ahead of Madrid (13-2), New York (12-1), Moscow (33-1).

Which means that the favourite is Paris (4-7) – home to some fine hotel rooms, wonderful cheeses and more Cartier watches than you can shake a javelin at…’

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