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by | 17th, November 2004

‘WOULD-BE Britishers paddling over to Dover on lilos may like to know that I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is no entertainment show – it’s a documentary.

”Thank God we’re out of that hellhole!”

In fact, it’s a national cry for help. If this is how our most treasured celebrities live in Blighty, imagine how the rest of us get by!

It’s pretty miserable stuff, sleeping out in the open air, cameras watching your every move as you bathe in freezing cold waters and get what sustenance you can from beetles, snake urine and les maggots du jour.

But still the asylum seekers want to come. And, as the Express – a paper which likes to keep its readers alarmed about such things – says on its front page: ”SHAMBLES. Asylum is UP, the number kicked out is DOWN and 29% more want benefits. And that is THE TRUTH.”

And do not doubt that it is the truth because not only does the Express say so (in capital letters no less), but the Mail says so too.

This is shocking stuff, not least for people like the Mail’s noble Briton Mick Blake, a father to six children who ”refuses to work and takes £1,200 of your money every month”.

More asylum seekers desperate for work, a better life and success mean less money for born and bred natives like Mick. And can that be right?

But if these new arrivals don’t take any notice of poor Mick or the hardships endured by our celebrities, they should read the Express’s report that Britain has the worst quality of life of major European nations.

Once more the Mail can corroborate this story, it too having seen the survey to be published in the Economist magazine, which shows how, in terms of personal satisfaction, Britons are, well, unsatisfied.

Before the expansion of the European Union, Britain ranked 15th out of 15.

And from 111 of the world’s countries polled, we lie at a disappointing 29th, behind Slovenia, Cyprus and Malta and one place ahead of South Korea.

Top of the list is a small jungle clearing somewhere in the north east of Australia…’

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