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Facing The Future

by | 19th, November 2004

‘WHEN David Beckham had his right foot cast in concrete to promote a spots shop on London’s Oxford Street there was no sign of Posh.

Victoria taking Romeo in for his first pixelation

And that may have been lucky for Dave, because had his wife been there she’d have most probably jumped on his back while an aide attached a ball and chain to his proffered leg.

But Dave’s concrete boots are not the main reason the couple have risen to our attention this week.

Nor is it Dave’s hair, however interesting it is. Just listen: ‘I’ll wake up one day and say, ‘I don’t like the hair today,’ and off it comes. That’s the way I decide what I’m going to do next.’

Fair enough, interesting even, especially if he one day looks at his wife’s head and thinks along the same lines.

But the reason for another mention of Beckham & Co. is that Hello!’s picture of Posh walking along Bond Street with Romeo in tow shows the little love wearing blue jeans.

In itself, this is fascinating and demands many column inches of close coverage. And when we tell you he was wearing a matching a blue jumper with a wavy line on the front, books will be written.

But it’s his face that fixes our gaze. Like Kate Winslet’s newest child a few week’s back, little Romeo has pixelated features.

It is becoming nothing short of a craze. Indeed, we suspect that every ‘normal’ face in showbizville is in fact a mask placed over pixelated face.

So often have these people been photographed that they have actually begun to wear out.

Very soon most children in the celebrity set will have pixelated faces. It will become the norm.

And then it will become the envy of every mother from Essex to Hollywood, who will contact doctors Nip ‘n’ Tuck and demand that their children have their faces surgically ‘blurred’.

Do not doubt it will happen. Watch this space…’

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