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Hounded Out

by | 19th, November 2004

‘WE at Anorak have long argued that the Government should only be able to ban something if it is prepared to unban something else.

‘Okay, count to 50 – today it’s my turn to hide…’

We have no particular objection to the ban on foxhunting, for instance, but only if it is replaced by a new hobby.

Bear-baiting, for instance, has been illegal now for the better part of 170 years and cocks have almost as good a run, 150 years having passed since they were last legally let into a ring.

Given a new pastime and a new animal to torment, our rustic friends (pictured in this morning’s Times in a sea of Hackett shirts) would soon forget about foxes.

Similarly, if the Government wants to ban smoking in cafes, pubs and restaurants, it should for instance legalise cocaine (outlawed 84 sleep-filled years ago).

And if Number 10 wants to host “raw and live” sex shows, it should be allowed to do so – but just make sure it’s after Leo’s bedtime…’

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