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Judge For Yourself

by | 19th, November 2004

‘YOU may well think that Judge Antonio Marreiro from Rio de Janeiro is a pompous git. You may think he is a self-important pillock. You may think he is a bombastic berk.

But you wouldn’t say so to his face.

Indeed, the only way you would address Judge Marreiro is as ‘Your Excellency’ or ‘Your Honour’ – unless you want to risk a fine.

The Brazilian judge went to court to insist that everyone, even his neighbours, have to address him by his formal titles – and won!

Strangely, he has not made many friends as a result.

President Octavio Augusto Brandao Gomes, president of the Brazilian Lawyer’s Order, said he found the judge’s request ‘totally insane’.

‘We are all human beings,” he said. “No one in this life is better than the other just because they have a title.

‘When I see absurd requests like this winning in court, I wonder if people like this judge do not have anything better to think about or to accomplish!”

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